Monkey see, monkey do

by anonymous user
We've all done it: mimic someone. The audience at the Garorock Festival in France this weekend went one step further. When the lighting technician of the band Deluxe did a check up of the spotlights, the audience began to imitate his mimicry. Not putted in scene, but it all happened in the moment. Fantastic!
  • Lightcheck Garorock (click for video)

    Quand ton technicien lumière Nico Terrien met le FEU à Garorock Festival pendant le lightcheck avant que tu montes sur scène ! Les gars étaient trop CHAUD ! <3 :)
    En tout cas on a trouvé notre première partie pour le Zénith de Paris samedi 22 Octobre : bit.ly/deluxe-zénith
    boby :)
    When the crowd is getting crazy during the lightcheck, big up to our technicien Nico Terrien, a star is born.
    notre nouvel album #STACHELIGHT est toujours dispo :
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